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AMI Day 7-8 Information for Middle School

Posted Date: 03/30/2020

Middle School parents and students - The following documents contain the student work for Monday, March 30, and Tuesday, March 31. If your student has the paper copies that were handed out on Friday, March 13, he or she will complete AMI Days 7 and 8 in those packets. If your student no longer has the paper copies, he or she may print the documents below or open them on an electronic device and write their answers on a blank sheet of paper. Any student who does not complete the AMI work will be counted absent for these school days, so please make sure that your student completes the assignments and keep them in a safe place until we return to school.

Starting on Wednesday, April 1st, we will be transitioning to online instruction for students who have a device and internet access. Please make sure your student checks his or her email for an invitation to join a Google Classroom page for his or her grade level. On Tuesday, March 31st, we will be holding a Zoom meeting for each grade level to discuss how this will work - details on how to join this meeting will be on the Google Classroom page.

For more information about this transition, you can watch a Facebook Live video by Mr. Karber by following this link. You can also see a typed version of this information by clicking here. Thanks for being patient and supportive as we make this move to virtual instruction!

4th Grade AMI Days 7-8
5th Grade AMI Days 7-8
6th Grade AMI Days 7-8
7th Grade AMI Days 7-8
8th Grade AMI Days 7-8
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