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The Lincoln Consolidated School District is located in Lincoln, Arkansas, just 18 miles west of Fayetteville. The school district’s boundaries encompass 164 square miles in western Washington County. The school district is comprised of several communities: Canehill, Dutch Mills, Evansville, Morrow, and Summers.

Our school board is made up of five members elected from five zones. The schools are organized within the district. Lincoln Elementary School serves students in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. Lincoln Middle School serves students in grades five through seven. Lincoln High School serves students in grades eight through twelve.

Lincoln Elementary School had an addition completed and remodeling project in 2006 and 2011. Lincoln Middle School moved into their current building in 2012; it houses the district’s auditorium and a technology center completed in 1998. Lincoln High School was completed in 2012.

Lincoln is a progressive school district. The district implements several initiatives. The Teacher and Student Achievement Program (TAP) provides teacher evaluation, focused professional development, multiple career paths, and performance-based compensation. TAP is implemented at all grade levels in all schools. We received the TAP Award of Distinction in 2012. The Leader In Me provides students with opportunities to grow as leaders and become successful members of society. The Leader in Me is implemented in Lincoln Elementary School and Lincoln Middle School for students in Kindergarten through seventh grade. The New Tech Initiative provides engaging learning experiences for students including project-based learning and combined-curriculum courses. Additionally, we are fortunate to have a tremendous amount of technological devices for students and staff. We are a 1:1 school district with each student grades K-12 are issued a Chromebook for assignments. We have one of the most robust school networks in the State of Arkansas. Finally, we believe in the Whole Child Initiative. We strive to understand and support our children and help them with whatever needs they have to ensure their success.

Our teachers and staff are the best! The TAP program provides opportunity, reward, and training to help them continually improve student achievement and the quality of instruction. The Leader In Me initiative helps staff live a happier, less stressful life and in turn are better examples for our students.

Our Athletic Program offers a wide variety of sports while striving for excellence on and off the field of play. Both male and female sports are offered for a variety of interest and skill level. From seventh and eighth grade teams to junior high teams on to junior varsity teams all the way to our varsity high school teams, our students have excelled in all sports and are continually striving to improve themselves every time they compete. We offer football, volleyball, golf, cheer and dance in the fall plus basketball and bowling during the winter period and we offer baseball, softball, weightlifting and track during our spring period.

Our students are the pride of our school system. Students compete on all levels from local to national.