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Brochures explaining the services provided by the G/T program and nomination forms are available in each of the school offices, counselor’s office, and at the administration office. Parents, staff, and community members may nominate a student at anytime. Contact Becca McAfee if you have questions or need more information.

Becca McAfee, GT Coordinator
Lincoln Consolidated School District



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“Nominations are sought from a wide variety of sources to ensure that all potentially gifted and talented students have an opportunity to be considered.

When a student is tested for GT, data is collected from teacher recommendations, observational data collected from whole group enrichment, parent recommendations, testing scores, grades, and 2 subjective and objective tests.

Placement is decided by a placement committee (minimum of 5 members; GT Coordinator, Building Principal, Building Counselor, and minimum of two teachers).  If the decision is that the student will be placed, a letter is sent home for the parent’s permission.  If a student is not placed, a letter is sent home notifying the parents of the committee’s decision and also to inform them that the student can be re-evaluated in the future.

The GT Program will be evaluated each year in the Spring and the results will be posted here for all stakeholders.”

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